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Extracurricular events provide a wonderful opportunity for students to show their progress, work towards a challenge, and enjoy the benefits of dedicated practice. Student participation in these events is not mandatory but is highly encouraged!


EVMTA Ensemble Rectal 

EVMTA Piano Competition

Jessica Heidt's Piano Studio Spring Recital

Arizona Study Program

Jessica Heidt's Piano Studio Halloween Recital

DVMTA Original Composition Festival

EVMTA Composer's Celebration Concert

An Evening of Christmas Music

"Our daughter has learned and progressed so much with Jessica!  She has truly benefited from Jessica's multi-faceted approach to teaching the piano.  She has instilled a deeper understanding of theory and technique -- making it possible for our daughter to apply musical principles to improve on her playing as well as composing music.  We also have appreciated the many opportunities Jessica provides for her students  to showcase their learning and talent.  These experiences have increased  our daughter's confidence and skill in performance, which will benefit her in many aspects of her life, not just piano.  

Jessica is a well rounded, talented and organized teacher -- and we are so grateful our daughter has been able to learn from her!" - Nichole C. 

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