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Students have the option to choose between three different tracks:


Track A : Private Lessons


  • These private lessons will be reserved for advanced and intermediate students who are dedicated practicers and meet their rigorous practice expectations on a weekly basis. Students who are on this track (especially younger students) need lots of parental support to ensure optimum practicing is occurring at home.

  • These private lessons also work well for students who express specific interests (ie composition, improvisation, arranging).

  • Elementary level students can also take private lessons, but they will require significant parental involvement to help them meet their practice requirements.

  • Most practice requirements are goal oriented, but generally students who are on the private track should be practicing a minimum of 30 minutes a day for beginners, 45 minutes a day for intermediate students, and 60 minutes a day for advanced students. Students enrolled in private lessons are strongly encouraged to participate in exams, competitions, and other extracurricular performance opportunities.           


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  1. lots of ensemble playing (most life-long musicians will need to learn to play with other people and playing together as a group is a great opportunity to prepare for  accompanying choirs/soloists, playing in a band, or playing for a church congregation).

  2. developing an excellent sense of rhythm and beat

  3. opportunities to practice performing in front of other people

  4. socialization (it's FUN to play with your friends)

  5. a sense of healthy competition amongst class members

  6. longer lesson length

  7. a fun group atmosphere for theory games and activities

Track B: Group Lessons


  • These lessons will be grouped according to level, and they are an excellent option for recreational piano students.

  • Daily practicing is still a requirement, but practice expectations are less rigorous (20 minutes a day).

  • Class sizes will be relatively small (no more than 4 students) and each student will have a digital piano with 88 fully weighted keys.

  • Group lessons will be 60 minutes long.

  • Class curriculum will be based around preparing for ASP exams in the spring and will include repertoire, theory, technique, and other musical aspects (rhythm skills, sight reading, improvisation, aural skills, etc). Students in group lessons are strongly encouraged to sign up for ASP exams as they are a great way to ensure steady progress and growth.

  • Most of the class time will be devoted to ensemble playing for lesson book repertoire and technique, as well as group activities/games for learning theory concepts. A small portion of each class will be dedicated to practicing individual solo pieces where students will use headphones and complete specific practice assignments while the teacher gives brief individual attention to each student. 

  • Some of the benefits of group lessons include:


Track C: Buddy Lessons


Buddy lessons (or partner lessons) are a great way to balance the social benefits of group lessons with the desired one-on-one time of private lessons. 

  • Student A comes for 30 minutes of private lesson time with the teacher, then student B comes and both student A and B have 30 minutes of lesson time together. Student A then leaves and student B gets 30 minutes of private lesson time.

  • These lessons work well for students who want to have a "piano buddy" to help motivate them. Often teens and preteens enjoy this lesson format. The shared lesson time is a great time to play duets together, do theory activities/games, improvisation activities, etc.

  • Buddies don't need to be the same level or the same age, but they can be.

  • Buddies can choose different formats (the overlap period is the same for both formats)

  • You don't need to know another student in the studio to choose this option, buddies can be placed together by the teacher.

  • Students enrolled in Buddy Lessons will also be held to high practice expectations. Most practice requirements are goal oriented, but generally students who are on enrolled in buddy lessons should be practicing a minimum of 30 minutes a day for beginners, 45 minutes a day for intermediate students, and 60 minutes a day for advanced students. 

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*All students, regardless of their track, will have the opportunity to prepare recital pieces and perform at recitals.

* Due to my decreased availability and the demands of scheduling, I can't guarantee that everyone will get their first choice of track.

*Students enrolled in buddy or group lessons will be welcome to advance to private lessons when they are ready and when space becomes available.

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