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“Jessie is an encouraging and enthusiastic teacher who is always supportive while pushing me to do better. She makes theory and technical aspects easy to understand, and also helps me connect to the emotions of each piece. Her tips for practicing help me know what to focus on and improve week to week. Her love of music is always apparent, making her fun to work with!” –Colleen P.

"I’ve been playing the piano for nearly 20 years, and I’ve never had a teacher like Jessie. Being a performer and composer herself, Jessie has such a deep knowledge and understanding of music. The way she has taught me to practice has helped me dramatically improve, and I see the same growth in many of her other students. Jessie doesn’t just teach her students how to play the piano; she gives them the tools they need to master any piece. It takes an exceptional pianist with a great passion for music to teach as well as Jessie. She works so hard to make lessons and practicing fun for every student, not to mention her knowledge of music and theory is remarkable. Quite simply, she’s darn good at her job! She is well worth every penny, if not more. Don’t sell your kids short with someone else!"

- Carrie N.

"My daughters couldn't have been more blessed to have Jessica Heidt begin their journey in learning to play piano.  Jessica differentiated their lessons to fit their age, personalities and learning styles. Jessica showed patience and understanding when my youngest daughter struggled with self-confidence in her playing helping her overcome her self-doubt.  Jessica taught them strong piano theory using fun methods that appealed to them. The girls enjoyed and looked forward to their weekly lessons!  Jessie helped them learn how to establish good practice habits and technique developement.  I couldn't believe how much they learned in a year!" - Kelly K.

“Jessica Heidt became my children's piano teacher in the fall of 2016.  My daughter had already worked with two other teachers, but my son was starting piano for the first time.  I watched as she made learning the piano FUN for my son: the games and other educational tools she used helped him to become confident at the the piano, including memorization and theory.  For my daughter, she invited and challenged her to try more difficult pieces of music, and she gave my daughter a sense of calm at the piano. Jessica is an incredibly gifted piano teacher, with special abilities with children.” –Piyali D.

 "Our family was so glad to have Jessie as our son's first music teacher. He always looked forward to lessons and we were so happy with his progress over the year. Jessie was accommodating and easy to work with. Thanks Jessie!"  -Carrie P.

“[Jessie is] prepared to meet the challenges of my youngest, who is 8; he is taking lessons on the insistence of his mother. My son did not want to take piano lessons and contested the idea animatedly. With the games Jessie had planned for the piano, my son’s attitude completely changed from, ‘ I don’t want to have piano lessons’ to ‘this is kind of fun.’ He now looks forward to his piano lessons and loves to practice, never complains. My son also considers her his friend. Jessie is also very flexible with my autistic, 16 year old daughter who takes lessons from her too. Sometimes dealing with a child with disabilities can be a difficult challenge. Jessie has the demeanor and attitude to build relationships of trust quickly and works with the child’s special needs as needed.”

–Kathleen P.

“I recommend Jessica as the best teacher to any Adult (30 +) who hasn’t played piano since they were a child or teen, or if you’ve always wanted to learn and you think you’re to old! She’s the one who will prove you wrong! She helped get me reacquainted with the scales & major chords in a fun & easy way! I enjoyed Jessica’s teaching style, warm and friendly disposition! “ - Anne Obrian

"Jessica is an amazing teacher. She is so patient and kind, and my son thoroughly enjoys the time he spends with her. He has learned so much in a short period of time. I can't wait to sign my daughter up!" - Stephanie R.

'Jessica is beyond amazing as a piano teacher! My son has autism and she worked tirelessly to figure out how to connect with him and he loves her so much. I can’t recommend Jessica enough!! She is tenacious, kind, and incredibly talented!" - Melina V.

"I have had 3 of my children take lessons from Jessica, over the space of 4 years. We totally enjoyed her as a teacher and my children learned a lot. They all knew how to play the piano before taking lessons from her, and she still helped improve their skills. 


She gives great practice suggestions and tips which helped improve their musicality. She challenged them with the song selections they learned and pushed them to keep working in a positive way. They learned a lot of musical theory. She was also phenomenal at helping them compose their own songs or arrangements. My children had opportunities to participate in composition festivals and large ensemble performances as well as the regular piano recitals. 


Jessica was great at working with our schedule. She is very professional, yet personal, showing that she cares by going the extra mile. She even came when some of my kids performed in church. 

After taking lessons from Jessica for a couple of years, my daughter was skilled and confident enough that she accepted a calling to play the organ in church. Everything about Jessica’s teaching has been a positive experience for us and we totally recommend her as a teacher!"

- Ginger W.

"I highly recommend Jessica Heidt as a piano teacher. My son started taking lessons with her when he was 15 years old and I have been so impressed with the amount of knowledge and inspiration that she has instilled in my son. He showed interest in composing and she started immediately composition lessons. My son is now 19 years old and he has been accepted to the Berklee College of Music to study Music Composition. We are so happy that we found her and that my son had the opportunity to learn from her."    -Ruth Tollett

"My son started working with Jessica when he was seven years old and a beginner pianist. Right from the start Jessica's approach made a difference. She scaffolded the skills at a pace that allowed Jack to simultaneously gain solid practice but also push ahead, giving him the satisfaction of recognizing his achievements but also feeling motivated to accomplish more. The lessons were interactive, engaged and fun. Jessica has numerous strategies for teaching: metaphors and stories helped the keyboard come alive, floor activities helped my son feel the rhythm with his whole body, board games helped him see the notes on the staff as a whole system that he could navigate with ease. Even more importantly, though, Jessica is a teacher in a larger sense as she approaches the whole child; she teaches motivation, joy, resilience, care.  We are very grateful for the time we had working with her and the many wonderful moments and lessons that our son experienced." - Zornitsa K.

“It has been a pleasure to watch Jessie teach my kids and see them respond to her positive teaching style. Jessie has a way of teaching a skill and inspiring my kids to play better. More than once I have heard her exclaim, ‘That was excellent. I really like how you (points out something they were able to master)...Now when you play it again let’s see if you can try to (shows them what they need to improve).’Jessie has a way of teaching skills and inspiring my kids to want to do better. She would teach them a technical skill without them even knowing they were doing something hard and then before they knew it, they were doing that skill that she had coached them through. My kids practiced without being nagged because they knew what they needed to accomplish during the week and wanted to meet her expectations. It has been the best year of piano in seven years.”-Diana D.

“My son and daughter took their first year of piano lessons with Jessie, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience!  Jessie is engaging, encouraging and kind and makes both lessons and practice fun.  She gave my kids a wonderful start on piano, and taught them valuable practice skills and techniques they will carry with them through all their musical endeavors.  My kids were very fortunate to have Jessie as their first piano teacher!” –Sara M.

"Jessie is absolutely wonderful to work with! I hadn't taken lessons for formally for over 10 years, and I was kind of nervous to start up again. After a brief discussion that we had to determine my goals, I became confident in my ability to achieve them. Her knowledge is incredible, and she seriously just teaches so well. I have seen so much growth and progress in myself after just a few months!" - Michelle H.

"Jessica Heidt was a God send for us! Our son Kash (age 9), expressed his desire to learn how to play the piano.That’s when we immediately began our online search for a teacher around our AZ area. Not only is Jessica extremely talented in music herself, but she has the patience of Job and an obvious passion for teaching piano to any age group.In a short amount of time our son has learned so much, but his desire to continue to learn speaks volumes as to the interesting learning environment Jessica provides. She keeps the lesson consistently interesting and fun. We never have to force our son to practice or force his attendance because he is always eager to return for his next session." - April P.

"Jessica has been an amazing piano instructor for my teenage daughter. I asked that she work with her learning as more of a coping skill and she did a beautiful job. My daughter focused less on memorizing lots of different songs and a little more on composing music to help express herself. I would highly recommend Jessica for anyone of any age that wants to learn piano." - T. McJunkin

"Jessica is an excellent teacher. She has set the right cadence for our daughter’s learning and advancing. Highly recommended." - Dowayne B. 

"Our teenage son has been taking piano from Jessica for over a year, and he has improved so much! Jessica takes time to listen, she cares about each individual student and their progress, and she uses a variety of techniques and tools to guide her students. I've been impressed to see her work with students of different ages - she's amazing with them all! She includes her students in multiple events throughout the year, so they have a wide variety of experiences in festivals and recitals! She is worth the money, hands down! I highly recommend her!" - Denise B.

"Our daughter has learned and progressed so much with Jessica!  She has truly benefited from Jessica's multi-faceted approach to teaching the piano.  She has instilled a deeper understanding of theory and technique -- making it possible for our daughter to apply musical principles to improve on her playing as well as composing music.  We also have appreciated the many opportunities Jessica provides for her students  to showcase their learning and talent.  These experiences have increased  our daughter's confidence and skill in performance, which will benefit her in many aspects of her life, not just piano.  

Jessica is a well rounded, talented and organized teacher -- and we are so grateful our daughter has been able to learn from her!" - Nichole C. 

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